Tapered roller bearings

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Tapered roller bearings

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Product information

Tapered roller bearings comprise solid inner rings, outer rings, window cages and tapered roller. The bearings are not self-retaining. As a result, the inner ring with the rollers and the cage can be fitted separately from the outer ring.
KMR can provide metric and inch bearings, bearings with a K in the designation are inch sizes. For new designs, bearings in metric sizes should be used in preference.

Radial and axial load capacity
Tapered roller bearings can support axial forces in one direction and high radial forces. They must normally be axially adjusted against a second bearing fitted in a mirror image arrangement.

Contact angle
Axial bearing capacity depends on the contact angle, that is, the larger the contact angle, the bearings can withstand axial load.

Compensation of angular misalignments
The modified line contact between the tapered rollers and the raceways ensures optimum stress distribution at the contact points, prevents edge stresses and allows the bearings to undergo angular adjustment.
At a load ratio P/Cr≤ 0.2, the tilting of the bearing rings relative to each other must not exceed a maximum of 4 angular minutes.

Matched bearings
Tapered roller bearings with suffix N11CA are matched in pairs in an X arrangement and can therefore support high axial forces in both directions and moment loads.
The axial internal clearance of the bearing pair is defined by a ring between the two outer rings and is indicated in the suffix.
According to the customers’request,we also provide Type O layout matching bearings.
When ordering matched bearings, please state the number of bearings, not the number of bearing pairs.

Tapered roller bearings can be lubricated using oil or grease.

Operating temperature
Tapered roller bearings can be used at operating temperatures from–30 °C to +120 °C.

Tapered roller bearings have pressed cages made from sheet steel.

Inch bearings

K series tapered roller bearing is made according to ANSI/ABMA tolerance.

The same series of imperial bearing, roller and cage components, using the same but have different inside and outside the ring size and design.The same series of imperial bearings, inner ring components can be used with any outer ring.Inner ring components and outer respectively has its independent model.Inner ring components with outer ring and its series of code is composed of 3 to 6 Numbers, and letters, such as EL, LL, M, L, LM, HM, H, HH, and EH for prefix. representative from very light to very heavy series of bearings.




Steep contact angle


Case-hardened inner ring


Stamped steel cage, roller centred. A number following the J indicates a different cage design.


Glass fibre reinforced PA66 cage, roller centred


U combined with a onedigit number identifies reduced total width tolerance


Boundary dimensions changed to conform to ISO


High-performance design


Reduced tolerances for ring widths and total (abutment) width


Accuracy to ABMA tolerance class 0 (inch bearing)


Accuracy to ABMA tolerance class 00 (inch bearing)

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